Just Do it!

If I had a dime for every time I thought, “I’m going to wake up super early tomorrow and start marathon training…” I’d be broke. Same goes for launching a new business venture, taking advantage of certain investment opportunities, you name it. Now, some may say there’s a reason for those things and they may be sound decisions, but really, it just comes down to me working against myself. Those things take time, energy, discipline—all things that take, frankly, more work than I’m willing to give. Some may call it a lack of motivation, but a woman named Mel Robbins has a different take, proclaiming that motivation is garbage.

In Mel’s view, we’re never going to find the motivation to do anything. It’s about how our brains our wired: to keep us safe. When we think about chancing something or hesitate before leaping, our brains act as opportunists, seeing a risk and shutting it down. Which is fine, if you want to live safely and calmly and risk-free—but what fun would that be?

In life, overcoming this issue and simply changing how we react to live larger seems daunting. But our athletes are proof it can be done, as they do it every day.

Some athletes seem fearless, but the truth is that some just have learned more quickly to get out of their own heads and take flight without thinking too much into it. You think anyone’s ever risked their first back tuck without apprehension? The answer is no… it’s simply a matter of training yourself to decide to do something before hesitation. It’s the quick decision that’s key.

The same goes for life. Whether you’re considering leaving your job for a new opportunity, thinking before you react in a conversation with your spouse, making a life change that shakes up your routine. Your brain will work against you—so your real challenge is to beat it at its own game.

Hesitation is natural, but it has a tendency to make things worse. It’s what makes vehicles crash, tumblers fall, people wary of their own potential. So work to remove visible hesitation from your habits. If you need a minute to process or think, vocalize it.

Train your brain to not allow you to overthink things. The more time your brain has to think emotionally, the more chance it has to talk you out of doing something. Come up with devices to help you snap out of your spin.

Finally, sometimes, you need to just jump in and give something a try. Tell your brain “no.” It’s like skydiving: If you let your brain take over, there’s no way you’ll make it out of the plane. But by simply shutting negativity and hesitation down, you overcome and experience an amazing thrill. Think what that could be like in life!

This is not to say that you should say “yes” to absolutely everything… that would be disastrous. But stop overthinking the basics. Don’t wait for motivation—instead, create your own. Stop worrying about incentives or the “what ifs.” Stop being your own enemy. Sometimes, you have to, in the words of Nike, just do it.




Karl P.

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