3 Ways to Make your 2017 A Success

I don’t know how the holidays go in your house, but in ours, the season seems to extend every year, filled with seemingly endless seasonal activities that all build up to the big day. Then, inevitably, on January first, I find myself wondering how the holidays went so fast! The same can be said for the year…

It’s so easy for time to pass us by when we’re heads down in the weeds… and with time passing so quickly, most of us realize only in hindsight how much we haven’t accomplished that we wanted to and how much we still have to work on—until the next holiday season is upon us and we start all over again! This is just one big part of the reason only 8% of people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions.

Kick your resolution to the curb and, instead, focus your year on continual improvement; here are 3 ways to make your 2017 a success:

  1. Define what success looks like. Success is a loose term and the definition varies by person. So take some time to build your realistic view of success. After all, the only thing more frustrating than stalled progress is working toward something too difficult to attain. For example, instead of aiming to lose 50 pounds this year, build your goals around smaller steps and activities that will have a greater impact. Maybe you build four hours of exercise into your week and put them on your calendar so you stick to them. Perhaps instead of just aiming to “save $10,000” you come up with a plan of how much you’ll need to deposit weekly to a separate account—and then set up auto-draft to ensure it happens. Big goals are often too big and seem unattainable which discourages us; so instead, look at the bigger picture of what you’re really trying to achieve and then put into action from day one something that will get you through smaller pieces.
  2. Take better care of yourself. It doesn’t matter what your goals are: Your health is your best start to attaining a better you. And health isn’t just about how far you can run or how much weight you can lift (though that’s certainly a part of it)—overall health is about body, mind and spirit. Build into your practice at least five minutes a day of self-reflection. For type-A’s in particular, that may be the toughest thing to do yet. Don’t let your mind use the time to lay out everything in your to-do list or to mentally organize or berate yourself. Instead, use it to find calm, inner peace and, at the end, if you still have a minute, check in on how you’re feeling and what you need. Our mental health affects our relationships, productiveness and even health—so start here.
  3. Give yourself a chance. Coach yourself like you would your child: Stay positive, let yourself work toward dreams, keep trying and know that mistakes are OK. So often, we’re too hard on ourselves and either doubt our own potential or grow afraid to fail: This only hinders our success. Instead, learn to forgive yourself and become your own coach. Recognize that you’re only human—but also don’t let that become an excuse. Cut yourself a break when things don’t go as planned, but then rebound. Recognize that just because you can’t do something today doesn’t mean that you can’t “tomorrow” with some hard work and practice.

Remember, success is in the eye of the beholder. So this year, forget the resolutions and take a ground-up approach to a more successful you.


Have an Ultimate Day!

Karl P.

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