5 Things the Best Team Members Do


5 Things the Best Team Members Do


As part of a team, there are a few things everyone just knows you should do: show up, honor your commitment, cooperate… But being a good team member has a lot more to it than simply showing up and being nice. Many of the things, you likely do by nature because, well, you’re simply a good person! But others you may not even realize you’re doing. Here are 5 things we think the best team members do:

Walk the Walk
It’s easy to tell people what to do or not to do, but often harder to lead by showing them. Remember, you can’t control what other people do, but you can control your own actions—so use them to make a positive statement and to model by example. Be a good listener, press yourself harder, hold yourself accountable, and most of all, try.

Do Your Best
There will inevitably be days when you are tired or frustrated or burned out or, simply just don’t feel like it. Even on your worst days, make a point to try your best—remember that your effort doesn’t just help you to improve: it helps your team to improve and your team is counting on you.

Attitude is Everything
It doesn’t take much to poison the well and bad attitudes can quickly do just that. Off days can be frustrating and, if you’re on a team long enough, odds are that at some point, someone or something will rub you the wrong way: When this happens, tread carefully. Remember that your actions and words affect and influence your teammates. Instead, put an effort into being a source of positive energy. Be a motivator who pushes teammates to try again, help spread happy vibes throughout practice, and help celebrate even the smallest of successes.

Be a True Friend
You will see your teammates at their best and at their worst. Don’t be a “yes” man or simple empathizer—instead, be a friend. Make a point to truly connect and get to know other team members. Show them that you are trustworthy and worth confiding in—and, in return, put trust in them. Remember that you will make mistakes: Talk about them and be open to constructive criticism. In return, hold your teammates and friends accountable; sometimes we all need a little push and letting them “get away” with things doesn’t help anyone, including them, in the long run.

Be About the Team
You are part of a team. There are other parts and they are just as important. Remember it. The overall goal is not about you landing your ultimate stunt or simply winning a competition: It’s about building a strong team and driving to cumulative success and growth. Your role is to support that big picture. That means that, sometimes, you may need to take a back seat. That serving the team’s interests is more important than simply serving your own. That the team doing its best requires you to do your best, every day without exception.



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