Ultimate Canadian Athletics.

Entering our 15th season, Ultimate Canadian Cheer is one of the most successful programs in the area! The time spent improving stunts, tumbling, jumps, and motions will improve your child’s fitness and will help to build character traits such as hard work, goal setting, teamwork and commitment.  Your child will become more self-confident, motivated and learn to love being a part of the program that challenges and leads them to excel.

Ultimate has teams for all ages and skill levels from athletes who are brand new and trying the sport for the first time to athletes who have represented our gym and our country at the World Championships of Cheerleading.

We take pride in offering a safe, positive environment where we can help your child to achieve their best.  Our energetic, mature and experienced coaches are passionate and professional about their jobs.  From the moment, you join you will experience the difference at Ultimate Canadian Cheer!

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Our passion for cheer can easily be seen and felt the moment you walk into our beautiful cheer gym at 1420 Bayly Street, Unit #17 Pickering, Ontario, L1W 3R4.  We’d truly love to meet you.  Call 905-839-8822 and will be happy to schedule you for a tour of our facilities and an evaluation with one of our professional coaches at your earliest convenience.  We’re currently accepting new athletes, so now is a great time to get started.  Cheer has changed all of our lives for the better here at Ultimate Canadian Cheer – whether you’re looking for a fun activity or are interested in the competitive side of things, we have just what you’re looking for.

See you on the floor!


“My daughter really enjoyed the…class. She even called her grandparents to tell them all about it.” – Venessa A.


Remember, this is One Heck of a Work Out too!

In a world filled with constant distraction, video games, texting and a host of other less than healthy way for kids to invest their time, we provide a wonderful solution.

Our classes, programs and teams will get your kids moving like never before. They’ll experience gains in their strength, their endurance, their balance, their flexibility and their power. All of these gains lead to a stronger self image and a discipline you may never before have seen in your child.

We are Passionate About Results

It starts from the top down, here at Ultimate Athletics. Our owners, coaches, assistants and clearly our parents are all passionate about achieving positive results. Year after year, we see our members develop super strong bonds with our coaching staff. We’re confident that your child will as well! Our coaches are not just great coaches…they’re great people. They are the kind of people that you want to serve as role models for the next generation. The future is looking Ultimate!

We Are Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders…Today!

So many sports focus entirely on the sport, instead of the athlete!  Here at Ultimate Athletics we’re often told just how much we’re positively impacting the lives of all of our members. Don’t take this the wrong way, we are very serious about developing fabulous athletes, and quite honestly, we’re pretty spectacular at that. What we’ve come to realize is that as we give our athletes the tools they need to be successful in life, they quickly find themselves successful here as well as in the other sports they play. A total Win-Win, right?

Our Athletes Set and Get Their Goals!

Let’s face it, very few kids have been taught the RIGHT WAY to effectively set and then achieve their goals. Schools don’t have the time to do it, parents are busier than ever and most other activities don’t even begin to teach it. All that changes NOW!

Regardless of where an athlete starts, we’ll chart out a plan of success that he/she can follow and enjoy acquiring new skills and seeing his/her strength, balance, power and agility increase on a daily basis. Parents are often telling us that this alone, is worth the enrollment at our gym. It’s truly giving our members an unfair advantage in life.




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