Everything I Needed to Know in Life I Learned from Cheerleading

Our lives eventually all take different paths – some of us will become doctors or trainers, others teachers, and others one of thousands of other potential careers. Some of us will become parents, some of us will travel… you get the idea. But really, if you think bigger picture, you’ll find that most of us will follow the same general life plan.

We’ll continue school and graduate. We’ll get a job, likely start a family, grow old… and along the way, we’ll encounter countless challenges. Saving to buy a car or a house, taking vacations, making friends and moving on from heartache… like I said, countless. No matter how hard it gets down the road, keep on keepin’ on and know that you’ve got this – because everything you’ll need to know to get through, you can learn from cheerleading.

Don’t laugh – I’m serious! Here are four “learned-through-cheerleading” life lessons:

1 – If you fall on your face, smile and keep going.

We’ve all fallen at some point during our cheerleading career – whether we’re the top of the pyramid or missed footing on a tumbling pass. Because you’re a cheerleader, you know that you don’t stay down feeling bad for yourself; you hop back up, smile, and keep going. The competition judges wouldn’t have looked the other way and said nothing; neither will your future boss. Stumbles will happen – so smile, get back up, and push on.

2 – Cheer for people the way you want to be cheered for.

Sports and competition aren’t easy; neither is life. But both are more enjoyable when you have people by you, cheering you on. Cheer for others and support them through life like you want someone else to cheer and support you. I’m going to cheer for you because I know I’m awesome too. If everyone did this, the world would be a MUCH better place!

3 – Everything is better when you work together.

This is true of anything: marriage, sports team, family trips, work collaborations – you name it. You can accomplish so much more when you work together with people you can trust. So when you stumble your team is there to help you.  #GoTeam

4 – Keep it real.

Nothing is ever entirely perfect (at least without tons of practice). And even then, when certain things are going right, there’s always something else out of place. So keep it real ask for help and give it your best all the time.



Karl P.
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