Ultimate Coaches

I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize Coach Jessica from the Kitties and Pixie Cats. Jessica is an incredible coach, athlete and person. She is dedicated to her teams and works hard to ensure everyone is informed supported and encouraged. Jessica planned a Kitties outing to Whittamore Farms. She offers private lessons for her team and to join them at open gym if they would like more practice time. She  balances both teams and makes incredible efforts and sacrifices so that both teams feel supported and appreciated rushing from awards,  to practice floor to gym for a pixie cats practice. She is an outstanding coach mentor and “big sister” to all her girls. From my daughter. “Jessica is a really good coach she helps us with our stunts and she makes me feel amazing and I can do more with her”. My older girls enjoy working with her at camps. They say she “helps push them to learn and makes them feel happy!”  Thank you Jess for everything.

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