We are so happy that we returned home to Ultimate last season. There is so much attention to detail here. Each practice seems well planned and structured, coaches know things like how many full runs their teams have done each season or how many times stunts have hit. The coaches also have great ideas on engaging their athletes at each practice. It’s great to see the coaches focused and constantly on the floor with the team. Water breaks are short and teams are very rarely seen sitting. It really feels like the staff at UCC make the most of their time each session which in turn makes parents like myself feel like our time invested in bringing our children to the gym is not wasted.

Karl’s continued efforts to keep communication direct and timely is also appreciated. Use of the Facebook live video feature is a great addition to this.

From my perspective, it really feels like the gym as a whole is flourishing and coming together as a true #UltimateFamily. We are so glad to be part of it.

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