If you’re anything like our kids, you are counting down the days until Summer. Yes…they have many, many days until summer begins, but the optimism a child has is still pretty inspiring. Children who have attended our camps in the past might be a little extra excited as we have – yet again – some really fun camps coming up this summer.

Why Kids Love Ultimate Camps

As a parent, it can be a little bit more work to shuffle children back and forth to camps on a hot, summer day…but the skills they learn and the memories they make will last a lifetime. Our athletes who attend skills camps not only work on perfecting their current skills, but get to learn exciting new skills as well. We don’t stop there though. It’s important that children get to interact and make new friends throughout the summer. When school is out, we want them to continue building those valuable social skills.

An Average Day

Our camps provide a full day of fun with early drop off and late pick up – all included in the full-day pricing. On an average day, campers arrive and we spend a few hours in the morning having fun and learning new skills. We do recommend that you send your child with a healthy snack for the morning and the afternoon. When these kids start sweating, they get hungry! After a full morning of training, we break for lunch. They’ll also need to bring a healthy lunch so they have plenty to eat. This is a great time for the kids to get to know one another and rest for a few minutes.

In the afternoons, we love to have fun, play games and let the kids build bonds with one another and with our instructors. Our age-appropriate games help challenge their minds and their bodies…but laughing probably gives them just as good of a workout. Once 4 p.m. hits, our campers are wiped out and ready for some quiet time. We use this as the perfect opportunity to keep up their reading skills through the summer as we have quiet time.

Why Parents Love Ultimate Camps

Parents love our camps because their kids have a ton of fun, get a great workout and come home having gotten all their energy out. Quite frankly…They’re exhausted, but always ready to start the next day of fun all over again.

This summer, we’ll be offering four fun-filled themed camps. You can find more information  about our camps, to include dates and a registration link HERE.

We look forward to seeing you – and if we’re being honest – we’re counting down the days to summer ourselves.