Here at UCA, we’ve got some incredible parents from classes to cheer! Other gym owners ask me from time to time how we have such a great culture at our gym. I’m always proud to tell them about something great a parent did that week … and sometimes it’s hard to even pick, because our parents embody the three tips below. In our gym, you can basically sum up our culture with G-V-O (Good Vibes Only). We just love this phrase because it not only encompasses the coaching culture, but also the way our athletes treat one another as well as our parents.

If you’re interested in joining our program, you’ll want to read the tips below!


1. UCA parents encourage all children.

Of course you’re there for your child, but the great thing about our parents, is that they want to see ALL children succeed! When a child gets a new skill, there is a village of people who have encouraged them and empowered them along the way. The athletes really enjoy stepping in to the lobby after a practice because they know they’ll be showered with support and excitement from not only their own parents, but any of the parents who saw them achieve their goals.


2. UCA parents are positive.

Our parents have a positive outlook on life. That really flows through into their children’s activities. As a coaching staff, we work with athletes to set goals. Those goals require hard work. They don’t always come easy. From time to time, athletes get frustrated that they’re not immediately meeting their goals. UCA parents are so great at working with their children to look forward with a positive outlook. The coaches build confidence at practice, and the parents build confidence at home.


3. UCA parents have incredible support for our staff.

Have you ever been at a sporting event where a parent is upset with the referee or coach? Here at UCA, that would be rare. We keep open lines of communication with the parents so they consistently know their child’s progress and what we’re working on. From our skills evaluation to our weekly emails, we offer a ton of opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s activities. Our coaches are always so honored by the love and support of UCA parents, and for that, we’re always grateful.

If you’re looking for a positive-learning experience where your child can get fit, have fun, build focus and make friends – UCA is the place to be – and not just because we have an incredible staff, but also because we have incredible parents. Thanks to all the amazing parents who make our gym the best “second home” in Toronto!